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Read articles about the club in "The Daily Times" and in "The American Wanderers."



Educational Outfitters
Embroiderer & Digitizer
M-F 10AM-6PM
New location off Cedar Bluff

453 Park 40 North Blvd.
Knoxville TN  37923
865.583.3990 Ext. 103

Contact Ms. Emily Doane at Educational Outfitters to order your shirt and to have the club logo embroidered on it.  The two styles are K800 (Men's) and L800 (Women's) in "Green Oasis." 

If you prefer a long sleeve shirt or a technical shirt, you can purchase your shirt at another location and take it into Educational Outfitters to be embroidered with the club logo.  The turn around time is 3 to 5 business days. 

The price for one shirt with logo is $38.22.  The charge for the logo only is $11.00 plus tax = $12.04.



Special Congratulations! 

At the 2015 AVA Convention, members from the club received recognition for service, club photography and the club website. 

  • David Bonewitz -- 2015 AVA President’s Award
  • Jerrie Mitchell -- Photography People - Second Place
  • Kathy Nash -- Club Website - First Place

Certificate of Service:

  • Mindy Bonewitz
  • Eileen Jennings
  • Kathy Nash
  • Linda Nelson
  • Jerrie Mitchell
  • Joe Mitchell
  • Kathy Swartz
  • Ned Swartz

Congratulations!  Members who have completed AVA books are listed at Kudos.html.

Looking for something good to eat?  Check out the Progressive Picnic Recipes at Recipes.html.

Read the article about our club written by the club president and published in "The American Wanderer" at AVANews.html.


January 29, 2012

Well, it has been quite a while since I made the time to put some words "on paper" in blog fashion, but I'm pleased to be able to take a few minutes and talk to you about our club and walking. We have an exciting year lined up with 14 Fun Walks, 7 Club Walks, and 3 Regular Events. Just to ensure this terminology is clear to everyone. We hope all of our walks are "fun," but a "Fun Walk" is a walk that is not sanctioned (i.e., you can't get an AVA/IVV stamp in your book for these), but it might be a precursor to a future sanctioned event. A "Club Walk" is a planned group walk of a Year Round Event (YRE) . We now have 6 YREs and will be walking each of them once this year. Of course, you can go out and walk them any time you want (hint, hint). The seventh Club Walk will be the Asheville Amblers' Knoxville YRE. A "Regular Event" is AVA-sanctioned walk that is held on a fixed date or dates. Our three Regular Events will each be held on a single Saturday and will continue our State Park Challenge with walks at Frozen Head State Park (a repeat, allowing new members to pick up this park walk), Panther Creek State Park, and Cove Lake State Park. I just submitted the sanction request for Frozen Head and Panther Creek, and both were approved. Now I have to get to work on all that goes into conducting a successful Regular Event. I'll need help; so, we'll talk more about these another day. 

In addition to these walks, we have a number of Special Events that our Special Events Chair has organized. We have a marathon team who will be walking the Knoxville Marathon on April 1st. It isn't too late to join the team or plan to come downtown to cheer us on. Mindy and I did a training walk today of 11 miles, and that's my excuse if there are any typos in this message. Our club also has a team who will be doing the Relay for Life on June 1st and 2nd to honor cancer survivors and remember people we have lost, but also to raise funds and awareness to help save lives. We will have our shelter set up and have information about the club for any of the walkers who are interested. Of course, we will have one of the team members on the course throughout the night. Again, you can join the team, make a donation, or just come out to cheer the walkers on. Finally on the special event list is our booth at the Secret City Festival. We will have our shelter there and will be giving out literature for those who might be interested in walking with us. In addition, we will also be conducting a number of guided walks of our Oak Ridge (Secret City) YRE. This is going to be a walk-filled and fun-filled year. Hope you will be able to join us for Fitness, Fellowship, Fun, and (of course) Food.

July 10, 2011

Well, it has been quite a time since I entered anything into this pseudo-blog. It is not that nothing has been happening, instead too much has gone on since the last entry--a walk in London, one or two walks every day during the AVA Biennial Convention in Iowa, and now trying to get caught up with everything at work and at home. Even now I don't have the time to do more than just this entry to put a new timestamp on the page, but I promise to come back later and get things really caught up.

April 9, 2011

The East Tennessee Wanderers held another successful Traditional Event (one-day walk) at Frozen Head State Park. This was the third State Park Walk that we have conducted in our club challenge to walk all the 18 Tennessee State Parks in the Eastern Grand Division of Tennessee in the next 5 years.

The two routes (10 km and 5 km) were rated as a 5 and 4 respectively. Different walkers had their own opinions about the difficulty of the walks, but everyone seemed to have a good time. We had a total of 30 walkers which as a new record for the club. Walkers came from Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and locally (Clinton, Greenback, Knoxville, Louisville, Norris, and Oak Ridge). Many of the walkers stuck around to talk and partake of our value-priced lunch of "chili chip pie," soda or water, and homemade cookies.

Folks who missed this walk should make sure that they mark their calendars for the next East Tennessee Wanderers event.

April 3, 2011

On Sunday morning, April 2, the East Tennessee Wanderers got a plug on a public service program, The East Tennessee Report, on the Journal Group Broadcast stations Q93, Star 102.1, Hot 104.5, and Studio 1040 (AM). It was fun taping the show with Frank Murphy of Star 102.1. We did get our web address mentioned several times and some focused discussion on the upcoming walk at Frozen Head State Park. The 30 minutes went by mighty fast, and afterwards all I could think about were all the other things that we could have talked about. Anyway, hope it proves to be good exposure to some more potential walkers and members. Of course, if it didn't come out well, I'll hope no one was listening, and I'll regret having mentioned it to anyone. LOL

If you want to listen to the program, this link will download an mp3 file of the show.

Updated 03/06/16

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