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Green Club Shirts for Members!

There are two options for paid members of the East Tennessee Wanderers to purchase a green shirt with the club logo on it:

1. Our membership chair can put the logo on a 100% cotton unisex t-shirt.  The cost is for $20, and $5 will be donated to our Relay for Life team.  To order, please send an email to Membership@EastTennesseeWanderers.org.

2. For information about the wicking-type shirt, please send an email to Secretary@EastTennesseeWanderers.org.  There are two styles, and the pricing depends on the number of shirts ordered at one time with the company.


Special Congratulations! 

At the 2015 AVA Convention, members from the club received recognition for service, club photography and the club website. 

  • David Bonewitz -- 2015 AVA President’s Award
  • Jerrie Mitchell -- Photography People - Second Place
  • Kathy Nash -- Club Website - First Place

Certificate of Service:

  • Mindy Bonewitz
  • Eileen Jennings
  • Kathy Nash
  • Linda Nelson
  • Jerrie Mitchell
  • Joe Mitchell
  • Kathy Swartz
  • Ned Swartz


Congratulations!  Members who have completed AVA books are listed at Kudos.html.


Looking for something good to eat?  Check out the Progressive Picnic Recipes at Recipes.html.


Read the article about our club written by the club president and published in "The American Wanderer" at AVANews.html.


Public Service Announcement

Per David Bonewitz, "On Sunday morning, April 2, 2011,  the East Tennessee Wanderers got a plug on a public service program, The East Tennessee Report, on the Journal Group Broadcast stations Q93, Star 102.1, Hot 104.5, and Studio 1040 (AM).  It was fun taping the show with Frank Murphy of Star 102.1.  We did get our web address mentioned several times and some focused discussion on the upcoming walk at Frozen Head State Park.  The 30 minutes went by mighty fast, and afterwards all I could think about were all the other things that we could have talked about.  Anyway, hope it proves to be good exposure to some more potential walkers and members.  Of course, if it didn't come out well, I'll hope no one was listening, and I'll regret having mentioned it to anyone.  LOL

If you want to listen to the program, this link will download an mp3 file of the show.

Updated 09/20/16

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